Philanthropic Croydon

Philanthropic Croydon

St Mary’s Catholic High School joins the world of philanthropy

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative marked the introduction of youth Philanthropy to the students of St Mary’s Catholic High School in Croydon.   Students are provided with a real opportunity to experience and understand  philanthropy through a combination of in-class learning and community activities that gives students the tools to understand and engage in community advancement.

The students research, select and then advocate for a local charity giving  them the skills to understand and  assess their individual local community needs in a bid to win their chosen charity a prize of £3,000.


WHY  JAGS?Headteacher Headlines

JAGS  was selected because of it’s cause.  In 2010, fellow student Wesley Sterling, a promising footballer, tragically lost his life when he was stabbed and later died.   Students were deeply affected by the loss of a friend and shared a compelling scenario about the consequences of youth violence.

The thought provoking presentation involved  a WHAT IF  ‘headline news story’ featuring Headteacher, Mr Ughwujabo and left the underlining message of it only takes a few seconds to end another person’s life.  The pitch was an emotional and heartfelt reality check for many but sadly did not result in JAGS’s being the lucky winner.

However, all was not lost as  JAGS was selected as the charity for 2014 by Year 8 students.

The event was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Croydon and his wife, Education Officer  Southwark Dioceses, parents, the represented charities, governors, staff, and journalists.

A huge thank you to all the team for their hard work.