Raising money for a small charity with a big heart... Liz Osachuk, Deloitte UK

“Liz and her colleagues sacrificed saturday morning sleep-ins and trained in the cold, dark and snowy conditions to run 21kilometres around the city of Bath in North-East Somerset. The half marathon they completed took a lot of commitment and dedication, and the money raised was used for their annual 'Mothers Day Campaign' that remembers the forgotten mothers on Mothers Day. Liz and her team raised a whopping £1,156 with match funding from Deloitte - close to £2,000 was raised for JAGS Foundation!”

There are so many exciting ways you could raise money for JAGS

If you’d like to raise money for JAGS Foundation we’d be delighted to assist you or run through ideas.  If you’d like to find out more about what we do or how your money can help please visit the donate page here

Fun runs or walks, cake and bake sales or you could even fundraise without having to do anything extra! Just scroll down for more information.
Here’s the proof that teamwork goes a long way to helping small organisations like ours to survive………


JAGS team afterJAGS team before

Libbi pic

Libbi’s Dryathalon raised over £200!


A ‘REAL’ Challenge! 

The Challenge Network is the UK’s leading charity for building a more integrated society. They work on a local level to connect people together across all ages and walks of life. They run youth and community programmes that have the central aim of mixing diverse groups of people with each other. JAGS is working with 12 young children this Summer to fundraise for our cause, and we will be exploring different possible fundraising strategies!2-8e0f7d5aba

Watch this space for more information!


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