Our Mother’s Day Campaign!

A surprise bouquet for a mum

A surprise bouquet for a mum

One of the most remembered days of the year is Mothers Day, and while mother’s and their children celebrate this wonderful day, many mothers who have lost a child due to youth violence are suffering silently.

Can you imagine how life would be for a mother who has lost a child very suddenly and moreso her only child?  The pain of a bereaved mother is hard to explain, questions and endless thoughts now over-shadow her world and this remembrance day is one she often faces alone as a ‘forgotten mother’.

Funds raised will buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which cost £25 each, to be delivered to a mother so that she is never forgotten as a ‘special mum’. We have a Families Supporting Families Network of 65 families nationally and as our network of bereaved mothers continues to grow, we want to be able to remember all mothers on Mother’s Day.

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