Storm Peace Concert

Storm Peace Concert

Tracey-at-Storm8th Annual Peace Concert compared by Actress & Comedienne, Angie Le Mar

Tracey Ford attends the Peace awards to mark the 8th year of STORM’s annual event that attracts over 500 young people a year.

Hosted by comedienne Angie Le Mar,  guest speakers including Director, Tracey Ford shares with the audience the consequences of youth on youth murder.  During her talk, Tracey gains the audience’s attention when she asks that all important question ‘to please stand if you have lost a friend or relative to youth murder’.

One by one, young people rise until over 1/3rd of the audience are on their feet. To see so many people standing just highlights the fact that as we go about our daily business there are  shockingly high numbers of young people living with trauma.

Voluntary and statutory organisations gather together at Wandsworth Town Hall to promote the local services and provisions available for young people.

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