Playwright partners on Girls Project

Playwright partners on Girls Project

As part of the Lambeth Community Leaders Froum,  JAGS’ ‘Uniting Girls Voices’  project , delivered in partnership with local Playwright and Producer, Nadine Woodley whose London  sell-out play Forty Elephants, targets hard-hitting issues of girl gangs.

The 6 week programme was delivered at local girls school, Le Retraite, as part of the Choosing Another Route – Empowerment’  prorgamme where young women are given the chance to explore  issues of  anti-social behaviour, raise low self-esteem and works to empower them  to have their voices heard. The 2nd programme will be delivered at St Martin’s In The Field’s, later in the year.


This is what participants said:

I felt kind of scared to open myself up to everyone and spoke about my inside emotion. When I spoke about my feelings, I now feel better and happy. Nadine was really good, understanding and open.   Student aged 13

I was looking forward to the lesson but I wasn’t as open in the beginning, but now I feel open and I also understand the reasons for why I do things.  I thought I was going to get an even badder reputation after it but after the session  it felt good because it felt nice to be able to relate to people around me”   Student aged 14

Watch the  ‘Forty Elephants’ trailer here

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