Who do we help?

Parents, relatives and friends who have suffered the sudden tragic loss of a loved one.  You are suddenly faced with a horrific situation, not knowing where to go and what to do with feelings of isolation and pain

Why peer support?

Youth murder is hard to come to terms with.

You often live in isolation, trying to live the unnormal life you are faced with,  trying to make sense of your life.

Families Supporting Families connects parents, relatives and friends trying to make sense of the tragic loss of your loved one, in a safe space  where you all have one thing in common and can support each other.

Time together allows you:-

To take off your protective mask

               Be listened to

                              Be heard

                                            Be understood

What do we offer?

  • individual and group peer support
  • safe spaces to express thoughts and feelings
  • reflective healing
  • trauma services
  • practical ways to support your family
  • an advice helpline
  • contact with professional services

Where do you meet?

Families Supporting Families networks are in an area near you i.e., Croydon, Southwark, Lambeth, Merton, Lewisham and Wandsworth.


Peer support is also available via telephone call: 07775 631 378 or contact us

Visit our dedicated website:  Families Supporting Families Network