Youth Worker, Sarah Bonnell School

“In a very quiet voice Tracey Smart-Ford entranced the room, relating the events that took place at Streatham Ice Rink in 2007, she commanded their full attention. Within five minutes of her speech, the toughest kid in the room had broken down. By the fifteenth minute of her speech the child was back in the room but she stood shaking and contrite in Tracey’s arms and remained there for the rest of Tracey’s speech. At the school in Stratford Tracey demonstrated what it really is to hug a hoodie!”

Youth Violence Awareness Workshops

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Tracey Ford  has addressed over 3,500 school and college students, facilitated workshops in prisons, probation, pupil referral units and local community groups as she continues to raise awareness and the consequences of youth on youth violence.

The alarming facts are that youth murder continues to have a detrimental effect on young people.  From 2005 to 2015 youth murder has claimed the lives of  183 young people under 20 in London Alone (source: Murder Map) and the highest number of offences  committed by young people  is ‘violence against another person’.

These statistics are of growing concern to parents, teachers and to society as a whole and young people need to be made aware of the severe consequences  ‘split second’ anger can cause.

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School Presentations

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