We fundraise  to educate, empower and build the resilence  of  children in London


Whole school approach to raise awareness of the devastation and consequences caused by youth on youth violence 

'No Silence



Workshops aimed at teachers and students particularly for vulnerable and 'at risk' students to inform, educate and keep all children safe

young women & girls

Female only user-led projects designed and developed

to lead change through our flagship creative arts and social action projects  


'GIrls In real talk London'


'Choosing Another Route - Empowerment'

 'A Pinch of Spice'


 For students from Year 8 upwards 

family support 

Tragically bereaved parents and siblings find it hard to access the vital support they need following the loss of a loved one 


peer to peer support


access to

trauma services

Families also need a safe space to share, be heard and grieve


Registered CIC No.  07305010

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