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February's RTK Meeting Highlights in Memory and Celebration of Andre

13th murder OF 2021.

PM issues statement regarding knife crime in 2021, watch here.

Updated on 17/02/2021

urgent coronavirus appeal 

Covid-19 readiness Level: red

From 5th January 2021, THE Youth sector moved into red in the readiness framework

Girls In Real Talk Croydon virtual classes





New Social media & 

Sista talk podcasts

'I had no friends at my new school'

 Empowering young people by enabling them  to design their futures by getting to know themselves better through SWOT analysis.

Since October 2020, 42 young individuals have benefitted from CV skills and training plus the

1-2-1 support it offers.

Delivery of healthy home-cooked meals to our local community.

In March, we responded to the pandemic by cooking and delivering door to door our Sunday dinners. 

We have delivered over 912 meals every month to families in South West London.

Neighbours looking out for their neighbours.

Register for a Sunday Dinner below.



What does this mean for youth work?

Youth work is now recognised as an essential service and can continue within outlined restrictions throughout lockdown. These restrictions allow for the following activities to take place:

  • Online and digital youth services

  • Detached local youth services 1-2-1 sessions with vulnerable young people (indoors).

  • Support groups indoors and outdoors are permitted for vulnerable young people, max 15 per group + workers/leaders.

The latest National Youth Agency restrictions and guidance (red readiness and version 4.2) can be found in full here 






Employability Programme


Sunday Best


'I really enjoyed the workshops I attended. I learned about methods of answering certain questions in interviews, how to structure a creative CV and a normal CV, what order they go in and how to really sell yourself.'

'It helps take the pressure of my finances, Sunday dinner is important. Food has become more expensive and its nice not to have to worry about one meal, it means everything last that bit longer.'

'The way I approach my CV has changed in terms of the way that I word my employment experiences so that they can be transferable for whatever job I'm searching for.'


'Have more time to spend with my family'

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