Our Work

The JAGS foundation aims to raise awareness and aid in the prevention of youth on youth violence by providing services and safe spaces for healing, education, and restoration. In order to disable to cycle of violence we use a multifaceted approach to addresses violence in a holistic way including:

Supporting Bereaved Families together

Mothers Support Groups, One to One Meetings, Telephone Helpline, Reflective, Healing and Creative Workshops and Access to Specialist Trauma Services.

Young Women & Girls Projects - The Care Programme

Supporting the advancement and training of young women and girls to advocate on behalf of others and will benefit the wider society’s understanding of the real issues of sexual violence and/or peer-on-peer exploitation.  It also offers training to help young women deliver their own solutions in raising awareness of their plight to stay safe in their local communities.

Other support mechanisms
A wide range of initiatives to support the community such as crowdfunding.

Registered CIC No.  07305010

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